Kaththi Sandai Movie Review | watchable commercial film for its comical sequences and Vaigaipuyal

Kaththi Sandai celebrates a great Pre-Release buzz which is highly relaid on the one Prodigious image ‘Vadivelu’. After a deep idle time, the Vaigai Puyal engrosses to play a comedian, withstanding next to the hero!
How did he engaged the theatre audience? Will be felicitates them with his great-piece for humour & amusing mannerisms? To be explained at some part this review..
Kaththi Sandai features the Dark, Toned Vishal and alluring, Slinky Tamannaah in lead roles. The story of the starts with the chase, a container lorry infuse with money smashed the toll booth when the cops are in Patrol.
Soon after the chase completes the film intervened into mannered love scenes & comedies exhibited in numerous films over a period. While Soori’s attires and Tamannaah glamour energize the audience, Its Music director Hiphop Tamizha and Cinematographer Richard M Nathan stimulates the pulse of Kaththi Sandai through out.
Pre-Interval portion fetches the audience highly and build two big things to watch the rest part.
The first thing is ‘Who is Vishal’ and the second thing is ‘Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu’..
With a scene in the second half Soori gives a hi-five, then the vadivelu enters.
Since from start , the Vaigaipuyal Vadivelu just keeps scoring in every scenes significantly and never misses-out any opportunity to delight the audience. But if you ask, the long wait by the fans paid off? Not completed.. However its a great start for the Comedy King and his profound innings in Kollywood!
Apart from Vadivelu, the second half completely cliched, especially the flashback sequences, as you knows, the connecting factor of the entire happenings around Kaththi Sandai.
Somewhere those sequences fails to sympathises the audience then the climax arrives..

Be it the dance moves, fighting with baddies, shattering punch dialogues, Vishal just toggled it.. No complaints on him..

Music Director Hiphop Tamizha, By comparing with previous films, this is his below average work. The captain of the ship Suraaj largely missing his ‘Thalainagaram’, ‘Maruthamalai’ sense of humour in recent times.

Overall, Kaththi Sandai is a watchable commercial film for its comical sequences and Vaigaipuyal. Thanks to the technical crew for keeping the film rich and crisp allover..

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