Sabash Naidu gets a new Director in mid way..

Sabash Naidu, is the film which unites the most anticipated off screen ‘father and daughter’ to witness them in silver screens. It was kick-started in May 2016 after a detailed pre-production works over seven months.
The film demands almost 90% scenes to be shot in America, and the team took the fight for first schedule itself. It was T.K. Rajeev Kumar, who wears the director hat for Sabash Naidu. But now, he cannot continue his part in the film and he is now opted out by the producer Kamal Haasan.
T.K Rajeev Kumar was unavailable in recent days at Sabash Naidu sets as he was affected by a fever and undergone the treatment. Today, the official from America confirms, the director is no longer in to Sabash Naidu and he was affected by Lyme disease, for which he needs to rested for couple of weeks or a month.
Since this schedule planned to be completed between July – End or August 1st week, The actor and Co-Producer Kamal Haasan now took charge also as a director for Sabash Naidu.
It should be remembered that, Kamal Haasan initially interested to direct all his film since 2008 after Dhasavatharam, but after Vishwaroopam series, he felt that he should split his works and chosen story writer role instead of direction. But it didn’t worked for Ulaganayagan this time in Sabash Naidu.
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