“Gautham Menon is my dream director, Madhavan is a deadly performer”

‘D16’ or ‘Dhruvangal Pathinaaru’ happens to be one of the last releases of 2016……it was one of the 8 films released in the last weekend of December. Being 1 among 8 releases, no one was sure if it would make any money at all for the film’s maker.

What came as a surprise to film makers and film fans was that ‘D16’ turned out to be a hit and it has now been declared as one of the best releases of 2016!!

Debutante director Karthik Naren has taken everyone by surprise…..his direction is terrific, the screenplay has the viewers glued to their seats, the script is brilliant and the audience watched with bated breath till the very end of the film.
We hear that the number of screens for ‘D16’ is being increased in the 2nd weekend.
Here we have actor Anjana Jayaprakash, who played Vaishnavi in the film, answering our questions in an interview.
You have played the role of Vaishnavi in ‘Dhruvangal Pathinaaru’. Tell us about how you came on board this film.

I knew the director Karthick Naren from the time he was making short films. After the script of D16 was ready, he called me and talked about the character Vaishnavi and sent me the script. I found the screenplay to be very interesting and a little confusing at first to be honest. Once I figured out the details , I went to Chennai for an audition and got the role.
Apart from Rahman, you are the only person who knows the truth about the puzzle in ‘Dhruvangal 16’. Weren’t you surprised at being given such a predominant role in what is actually your debut film?
I personally feel all the 16 characters in the film are important and add to the story in their own way. That being said, Vaishnavi is an important character because the major suspense is revealed through her. I feel lucky to have portrayed such a character in my debut film.
‘Dhruvangal 16’ has just been declared as one of the best releases of 2016. How do you feel about that?
It is a little overwhelming for me. Though i had absolutely no doubt that Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru is a good film, I was worried about the reaction of the audience because the screenplay is unlike any other film in recent times. This massive positive response from viewers and critics alike just reinforced my belief in hard work and being honest to the film.
You have made your presence felt in the film… whom would you like to credit?
It is more challenging to make an impact in a role with smaller screen space. I would definitely like to thank Karthick Naren for his solid screenplay and crisp execution. Also to Rahman Sir, my co stars and the entire team of D16 for making me feel completely at ease.
Karthik Naren belongs to your age group, how was it like to act under such a young and talented director? Your experiences please.
Inspite of his young age, he has amazing clarity. He has a clear vision of the film in his mind. He does not add scenes or characters unnecessarily. His technical knowledge and exposure to world cinema is impressive. Working under him was quite easy because he explains everything specifically and has all the tiny details sorted out beforehand.
Luminaries like Gautham Menon, R Madhavan and AR Rahman have been part of the promotions for ‘DHRUVANGAL 16’. As a film fan, can you share a line about your feelings about each of them?
First of all, I would like to thank all of them for supporting D16 and a new team like ours.
Gautham Menon Sir has always been one of my dream directors. His portrayal of romance onscreen has always been a class apart.
Madhavan Sir started off as a heart-throb for all of us. But he also is a good performer, which is a deadly combination.
AR Rahman Sir is the ultimate inspiration for all of us Indians, especially on how he has handled both failure and success with patience, maturity and humility.
Waiting to meet all of them one day.
You have now come out into the open arena with lakhs of people watching you……what would you like to prove as an actor?
The very thought of being able to reach out to lakhs and millions of people through cinema is very exciting and scary at the same time. I became interested in acting only at a later stage; when i was in college. I entered into the industry to be a part of good cinema, tell different stories and to create memorable characters; those ones that stay with you for a long time.
Take your pick……character artiste or heroine?
Screen space of a heroine and performance of a character artiste. Yes,i am greedy.:-D
Can you say something about your future projects?

There are some discussions going on. I am being considered for some projects in Malayalam and Tamil but cannot talk anything about that yet.

Kollywood Now wishing actress Anjana Jayaprakash to have more fulfilling projects to come her way.


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